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The all-in-one tool dedicated to product-centric teams.
Explore, prioritize, plan, deliver, and communicate – with Cycle.

Cycle is a new beginning.

We revisited product management from the ground up: creating a new way to explore, prioritize, plan, write specs, deliver as a team, and communicate with stakeholders and clients.

Introducing an all-in-one framework for product-centric teams: Cycle is revolutionizing the way products are being built. With Cycle, your team can work together and focus on shipping stuff people need. All from a neat, collaborative space.

Cycle is a horizontal platform made of flexible building blocks that you can use in customizable workflows. Your way of working shouldn't depend on your tools, we built Cycle so that product teams could ship the way that works for them.

All eFounders teams have moved all of their product management to Cycle and it is truly a game-changer.

Thibaud Elziere, CEO @eFounders

Product teams are overwhelmed with tools.

With Cycle, your entire product workflow is in one place.

Listen to your users, stakeholders, and teammates.

Feedback integrations. Pull in feedback from multiple sources and centralize it all in one place to better inform product decisions.

Public portal. Share a portal with users from inside and outside your organization to gather their insights in an engaging way with voting and commenting features.

Custom forms. Design and share dedicated forms with users to collect their ideas, feature requests, and bug reports.

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Prioritize what to build with confidence.

Scoring. Use weighted scores for each of your features so you can focus on what matters most.

Strategic drivers. Link your features to higher level strategic factors so you can prioritize them based on your business objectives.

Prioritization matrix. Identify quick wins by viusalizing priorities on a map based on complexity and value drivers.

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Plan your product priorities.

Roadmap. Build multi-level roadmaps that align everyone on your product strategy thanks to customizable visualizations including timelines.

Track progress. Link your everyday tickets to the high level goals and visualize how they contribute to the product vision.

Cycle support. Whether it be 2-week sprints or 6-week iterations, use cycles to plan and keep track of the work your team needs to be focused on.

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Deliver the work as a team.

Workflow management. Customize your own workflows for bugs, improvements, features, chores, strategic initiatives, and any other ticket type you may need.

Team integrations. Integrate with your team's tools – GitHub for developers, Figma for designers, and Salesforce for sales team.

Spec & documentation. Write sophisticated specs via #markdown along with easy image uploading and multimedia embedding. No need for an extra documentation tool.

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Keep users and stakeholders updated.

Product feed. Share product updates such as release notes and pro tips via a public page or an in-app widget, all with visual content like images, GIFs and videos.

Feedback loop. Automatically follow up with relevant people when you release something that is related to feedback they gave you.

Public roadmap. Communicate what your team is working by making parts of your roadmap public so everyone has visibility on what's coming.

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Collaborate with everyone, at every stage.

Cycle makes it easy for product teams to work together in real-time and engage stakeholders.


Send and receive contextual feedback by commenting on specific areas of a ticket. Just send a ticket link to review and comment.

Multiplayer editing.

Edit tickets alongside your coworkers and see exactly what they are doing. No "save" or "edit" buttons in Cycle. Everything syncs real time.


Assign tickets and easily notify your co-workers by simply mentioning them with @user in a comment or description.

Get inspiration from leading product teams

Pick from our library of custom templates or create your own.

Cycle Way from eFounders

eFounders has launched 22 companies from scratch. Discover their product secret sauce.

Shape Up from Basecamp

Stop running in circles and ship work that matters with the "Shape up" methodology by Basecamp.

RICE from Intercom

How do you decide what to work on first? RICE is a simple prioritization model by Intercom.

Oh, wait… there's more!

Offline. Cycle syncs with all your devices and team members in real time. It works in your browser, and runs offline with the Mac app.

Unified search. Easily find any ticket across all your products and boards with a fast and relevant search.

Ticket hierarchy. Tickets can have a parent and/or children. This allows to create ticket hierarchies that can be smoothly navigated.

Ticket types. Create your own ticket types: feature, bug, user stories, feedback… Each type can have its own attributes, content template, and hierarchy rules.

Keyboard shortcuts. Cycle has keyboard shortcuts for everything, which you can access with CMD+K from anywhere and /command from the ticket description.

Activity log. Have an overview of the different changes/edits on the tickets you created or follow.

Boards. Choose your visualization, group by, swimlane, filter, and sort functions and create your own custom boards to visualize Cycle tickets your way.

Contrast mode. Cycle does not offer a dark mode. It has a contrast mode instead: let tickets stand out from the background to improve readability.

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Cycle is an all-in-one tool dedicated to product-centric teams. Explore, prioritize, plan, deliver and communicate. All in one place.

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